All about Driftwood

Crazy Driftwood Art

by Tatjana

About Me


is a creative driftwood art designer
living her dream in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Loads of crazy driftwood
created by Mother Nature
found at the beaches around Uvita
inspires her to arrange
beautiful sculptures, chairs and more.

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Nature creates crazy driftwood shapes by itself.

The task of the driftwood art designer is
to identify, collect and arrange these beautiful pieces
to create unique amazing driftwood art.

Driftwood Art Chairs

Crazy Number One

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Crazy Baby

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Crazy Merlin

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Crazy Magic

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My Concept


Go frequently to different beaches
to find the most beautiful driftwood objects.
Carefully select and integrate driftwood pieces
which fit without having to cut
and connect them with screws, nails or iron rods.
Phoenix Driftwood, previously considered as already dead
rises like Phoenix from the ashes
and continues to live as Driftwood art.

Driftwood Art Sculptures
and more Driftwood Art